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Flowering Plant Programs

Flower Bromeliad RotationMake a real splash in your interior design by adding color. Everyone will love watching the dynamic changes our flower plant programs provide.

   Our flowering plant program is a great way to keep your office interior lively with beautiful, seasonal plants throughout the year. We have three flowering plant options for you.

   Our bromeliad rotation is rotated four times per year with a poinsettia rotation during the winter holiday season.

   There are three bromeliads in our large bromeliad bowl (shown right).

   The 5-inch seasonal line is rotated every two weeks.

   The large flowering bowl option has four 5-inch plants. It is changed twice a month. The small bowl has three spots.

   Below are some examples of options.

   Combination of the bromeliad and the 5-inch line

Combination of the bromeliad and 5-inch line

   A small bromeliad bowl

A small bromeliad bowl

  A large flowering bowl

A Large Flowering Bowl

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